Victim Assistance, Information, and Resources

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Working with Local Police

If a crime occurs on SIU Campus, within the City of Carbondale, Jackson County, there are resources available to assist you through the legal process.  When a call is made to any local police department, the dispatcher who answers the phone will forward the call to the correct agency, based on jurisdiction.  The jurisdiction is determined by the location where the incident occurred. The local police officer in your jurisdiction will assist you in filing a police report, and in taking appropriate legal action.

Victim Crime Compensation

Victims who sustain physical injuries may receive compensation for medical/hospital expenses, counseling, loss of earnings, and tuition reimbursement for certain crimes. To be eligible, the crime must be reported within 72 hours, with full cooperation with law enforcement.

There is no compensation for property loss, or pain and suffering, injuries or death attributable to wrongful conduct or provocation by the victim. Some coverage may be provided to survivors and relatives in certain circumstances. Compensation under this program is a secondary source of recovery, and the applicant must first exhaust other remedies reasonably available, including, but not limited to private health or life insurance, Medicare and Public Aid.

Victim Advocates

Victim Advocates work with victims on cases involving death or great bodily harm, sex offenses, domestic battery, stalking, or violation of an order of protection. Victim Advocates can help explain the legal process to a victim, offer support during trial and court proceedings, and assist with orders of protection.

The SIU Domestic Violence Clinic

The SIU Domestic Violence Clinic provides legal representation to victims of domestic violence in Jackson, Williamson, and Union Counties with obtaining orders of protection. These orders, issued by the court, prohibit someone from harassing or abusing a victim again. The orders can also make an abuser move out of a shared house, and can make arrangements for child custody and visitation. If an abuser hurts or harasses the victim again after being ordered not to, the abuser can be charged with Violation of an Order of Protection.

Local Resources
Department or Building Phone
SIU Police Department 618.453.3771
Carbondale Police Department 618.457.3200
Jackson County Sheriff's Department 618.687.1303
Carbondale Women’s Center 618.529.2324
Carbondale Police Department Victim Advocate 618.457.3200, ext. 447
Jackson County States Attorney’s Office, Victim Advocate 618.687.7200
SIU School of Law Domestic Violence Legal Clinic 618.536.4423