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If you have experienced an incident of violence, you are encouraged to seek support as needed for your health and safety regardless of when the incident occurred. Trauma affects everyone differently, receiving medical and/or counseling support is confidential and free for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking. The information below talks about support that is available on the SIU Campus and within the City of Carbondale. 

Medical Support

If you have experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, or any other violence, you are encouraged to seek confidential medical support as soon as possible following the incident. A medical provider can address any health concerns and preserve evidence. You are encouraged to consider preserving evidence as soon as possible after an incident regardless of whether you contact law enforcement. Evidence collected can be used to support a report if you make the decision to pursue these options at a later time. Some treatment options are most effective within 72 hours of an assault, including injury treatment, HIV prophylaxis and STI (sexually transmitted infection) treatment. Other options can still be effective up to five days after an assault, including forensic evidence collection and emergency contraception.