Theft Prevention

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The following information are tips to avoid theft and increase personal safety. If you have been a victim of theft or any crime please contact the SIU Police immediately at (618) 453-3771 to make a report. Commonly stolen items are cell phones, tablets, computers, gaming systems, textbooks, credit cards, and wallets.


DO NOT prop open the door to your room.

DO NOT let strangers enter the residence hall. 

If someone knocks on your door, find out who it is before you answer.

LOCK your door when you leave, are asleep, alone even it if is only for a few minutes. 

Keep the bathroom door closed and locked in suite style residence halls.

LOCK your windows and keep your curtains or blinds closed. 

NEVER give out a neighbor’s personal information. 

DO NOT leave messages on your door concerning your whereabouts.

DO NOT attach your name or address to your keys. Keep your room keys separate from your car keys. 

Report any lost or stolen items IMMEDIATELY.

DO NOT leave property unattended. 

Mark your valuables with a number or identification unique to you using an engraving pen. 

Record the SERIAL NUMBERS of your property and retain the list in a safe place. Use this form to record this information. 

Open a savings, checking, or Debit Dawg account instead of keeping cash in your room. 

Keep your credit cards, bills, receipts, checkbooks, and important documents and numbers out of sight and secure.

Be aware of email and phone scams, if it seems too good to be true - it probably is.