Emergency Preparedness

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Are you prepared? SIU IS. 

SIU recently installed 8 emergency pods. The pods are solar powered, wireless loudspeakers that can also function as a PA system. These pods are placed around campus so a person will hear the alarms sounding while outside. The pods function as a storm siren and can disseminate information to campus in the event of an emergency. The system currently contains 13 prerecorded messages that will alert the campus to a threat or a dangerous situation. The system has the capabilities of broadcasting live messages to individual pods, a combination of pods, or all 8 pods simultaneously. 

Weather can change and knowing the difference between a watch and a warning can help you prepare. 

A Watch is when weather conditions are right for dangerous weather.

A Warning is when the dangerous weather is threatening the area.


Of a tornado watch or warning, the following actions should be taken:

At home

  • Listen to your battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio, local radio or television station
  • Go to your pre-identified safe zone, in an interior room and away from windows

At work or school

  • Seek shelter in the basement or an interior room of a nearby, sturdy building.
  • Remain in your safe zone or shelter until the storm has passed. Stay alert for new storms that may follow.

 To learn more information about weather hazards in our area, visit the Illinois Emergency Management Agency or the National Weather Service