Night Safety Transit

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Night Safety Transit is a unit of the Dean of Students and was established as a courtesy service to provide a safe non-threatening means of transportation for students both on and off-campus. Night Safety Transit services are available to all currently enrolled SIU students who pay student fees; however children of students cannot ride. Night Safety Transit provides rides from off-campus residential address’ to an on-campus location, on-campus location to another on-campus location, and from on-campus to an off-campus residential location. They will not provide transportation to a local business.

The geographical boundaries (streets) for ridership are:

Rides are dispatched to locations based on the order they are received. You cannot call ahead for a ride and must be ready for pickup when the driver arrives. The driver will wait a maximum of 3 minutes. Two no-shows will result in being banned from the service for the semester.

After a call is received the average wait for a ride is 15 – 25 minutes depending upon weather conditions and the number of incoming calls.

Night Safety Transit operates during the semester, but not during semester breaks. The normal operating hours are:

Sunday: 8pm-Midnight
Monday: 8pm-Midnight
Tuesday: 8pm-Midnight
Wednesday: 8pm-Midnight
Thursday: 8pm-3am
Friday: 8pm-3am
Saturday: 8pm-3am

To accommodate rides for all callers, Night Safety Transit stops accepting calls 15 minutes before closing. 


Alternate forms of transportation available if Night Safety Transit does not fit into your schedule:

For further information please: