SIU Sexual Harassment Policy

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The Sexual Harassment Policy was approved in 2009 and generally states: Southern Illinois University is committed to a policy of providing equal employment and educational opportunities. In particular, Southern Illinois University is committed to maintaining a community in which students, faculty, and staff can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment violates the dignity of the individual and the integrity of the University as an institution of higher learning, and thus, sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated at Southern Illinois University.

This policy applies to all employees, students, contractors, and visitors of Southern Illinois University. This policy prohibits sexual harassment, retaliation related to sexual harassment claims, knowingly reporting false sexual harassment complaints, and knowingly providing false information during the investigation of a sexual harassment complaint. All University employees are responsible for taking reasonable and necessary action to prevent sexual harassment. All members of the University community are expected to contribute to an environment free of sexual harassment, and are encouraged to report promptly (pursuant to campus procedures) any conduct that could be in violation of this policy. Each SIU campus shall adopt specific procedures for reporting, investigating and resolving harassment claims. This policy shall not abridge any individual‘s speech and due process rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments; nor shall it abridge principles or rights of academic freedom or the University‘s educational mission. Prohibited sexual harassment and discrimination are not expressions protected as a matter of academic freedom.

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